Truly a Treasure for Dothan, Alabama and Wiregrass Area 
The Rotary Miracle Field Complex - A Very Special Place
On the Rotary Miracle Field, every player gets to bat and every player runs the bases.  Those needing
assistance is assigned a "buddy" that helps them bat and run the bases.  There is many teams with team names reflecting the professional team.  Players have team jerseys.  There is much enthusiasm and excitement by
the players, couches, parents and spectators.  

 Although ALL Inclusive, the Rotary Miracle  Playground is designed with children with special needs in mind.  The rubberized surface provides protection against falls while special designed ramps allow those with mobility challenges to access all parts of  the playground.  There is climbing, slides galore, sensory     devices, sand pits, swings and plenty of shaded play             areas
The Rotary Miracle Field 
A true treasure for those with Special Needs
The Rotary Miracle Playground
An ALL Inclusive playground that is enjoyed by ALL!
A Miracle in Dothan, AL


 The Rotary Miracle Field located in Dothan, Alabama has truly been a cooperative community project that has “tugged” at the hearts of the citizens and brought together key players that have made a dream come true.




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Call:  334-791-8921
Write:  Rotary Miracle Field Foundation
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             Dothan, AL 36302
Your financial support of the Rotary Miracle Field and Rotary Miracle Playground will help us maintain the special facilities for years to come.